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The 2013 Agricultural Fairs Best of Show is a competition that features the best Arts and Crafts entries from local Agricultural Fairs across the state. All entries will be displayed at the
N.C. State Fair, October 17-27, 2013 in Raleigh. 

Each Fair may select one youth and one adult winning entry from their 2012 or 2013 arts and crafts categories to take to the State Fair and participate in the competition. Each entry in the Agricultural Fairs Best of Show competition will receive a $200 participation check ($100 for the Fair to keep and $100 to be given to the person who created the entry item). 

NEW – In response to fairgoers wanting to know if their county fair has an entry in the Best of Show booth, we will display a state map denoting the Fairs and their locations that have entered a Best of Show item.  A blue ribbon will be placed by your county fair name, if you have an entry.  To meet printing deadlines at the NCDA&CS for this map, we must have your Best of Show Registration Entry Form by September 5, 2013.

All entries will be judged and a $1,000 grand prize award will be given to the best youth and best adult entry in each attendance category ($500 for the Fair to keep and $500 to be given to the person who created the winning entry). Those fairs classified as “governmental” should enter in their respective attendance category – there is not a separate “governmental” category.

Category 1 (Fairs with attendance less than 15,000) Best of Show Youth - $1,000 Best of Show Adult - $1,000 Category 2 (Fairs with attendance of 15,001 – 40,000) Best of Show Youth - $1,000 Best of Show Adult - $1,000 Category 3 (Fairs with attendance of 40,001 or more) Best of Show Youth - $1,000 Best of Show Adult - $1,000

Entry Type and Size Restrictions
Arts and crafts entries can include, but are not limited to, paintings, furniture, woodworking, cross stitch, metalwork, pottery, dolls and baskets. Due to display space limitations, exhibits must meet the following requirements:

Exhibits must be no larger than 40x25x25 inches in size. Quilts, Afghans, etc. may be displayed folded to meet size specifications. All drawings, paintings, photographs, etc. must be framed or mounted to support proper display. All entries must have identification attached to the entry.  Included in this package is the form that must be completed and returned with your entries.  


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